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Silent On Chaos

Ellen Rosenblum is Out of Touch with Reality in Lawless Portland

Silent On Defund the Police

Washington Examiner: Republican AGs Are “Pushing Back On That Notion, While Nearly All Democrats Have Remained Silent”


Maura Healey Favors Burning Because “That’s How Forests Grow”

Republican AGs Fight Back

Republican Attorneys General Condemn Dangerous Cries to “Defund the Police”

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Republican AGs Stand for the Rule of Law

Calls to defund and disband the police are extremely dangerous & reckless. That’s not the right answer.

Daniel Cameron, Kentucky Attorney General

Any effort to defund or disband police departments diminishes the rule of law on which our society was founded.

Leslie Rutledge, Arkansas Attorney General

We cannot have so-called leaders coming out and saying they want to defund the police. That is shortsighted and it’s irresponsible.

Ashley Moody, Florida Attorney General

‘Defund the Police’ is dangerous and will not keep one person safer in Georgia or our nation.

Chris Carr, Georgia Attorney General

Democrat AGs must immediately clarify their position on the radical and senseless effort to dismantle law enforcement. As top law enforcement officers in their respective states, AGs have a duty to support law enforcement and oppose chaos.

Jeff Landry, Louisiana Attorney General

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