How many more lives lost and cities burned will it take for the Democrats to condemn violence?

Over the last 50 days, the lawless liberal Democrat attorneys general and candidates have remained silent on calls to defund the police and have refused to condemn the reckless and dangerous violence across American cities. Over the last 6 weeks alone, there have been 600 murders in 6 cities in states led by Democrats. If Americans learned one thing in the last 50 days, it is that they are less safe and more likely to become victims of a violent crime under Democrat leadership.

Republican attorneys general and candidates continually echo support for our hardworking law enforcement officers and prioritize keeping our cities the safest places to live, work, and raise a family.

RAGA Chairman Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry: “It has been 50 days since lawless liberals made their first reckless calls to defund our police, and it has been 50 days of defeating silence from Democrat attorneys general and candidates. How many more days and more lives lost will it take for these current and aspiring top law enforcement officers to condemn the communities of chaos created by this senseless and dangerous movement?”

RAGA Vice-Chairman Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr: “We are seeing an increase in violence against law enforcement that is most likely a reflection of inflamed and derogatory rhetoric unfairly condemning an entire profession. Most of our men and women in blue serve with honor and integrity, and attacks on the profession as a whole, like the Defund the Police movement, must stop. It will not make one Georgian or American safer, and it will embolden criminals all across the nation. Those who support defunding the police, or don’t actively condemn it, are helping create an environment where the rule of law is disrespected and violence thrives. We won’t stand for that.”

North Carolina Republican Attorney General Nominee Jim O’Neill: “It’s been 50 days since radical liberals in Minneapolis ignited the push to defund police.  And, not one word from Josh Stein on where he stands. Not one word. I have been crystal clear about where I stand.  I will never support defunding or abolishing our police. Josh, the people of North Carolina deserve to know. Do you stand with law enforcement or do you stand with radical liberals whose plan to defund the police will bring chaos, anarchy and violence to communities across North Carolina?”

Pennsylvania Republican Attorney General Nominee Heather Heidelbaugh: “In my home state of Pennsylvania, crime rates are at an all-time high in Philadelphia. Attorney General Josh Shapiro has refused to speak out or get involved and it is inexcusable that by his silence he abets liberal Philly DA Larry Krasner. There are law enforcement officials and mayors of large cities who are consciously choosing not to protect people in their homes and business, but rather choosing to support a movement that will further incite violence, chaos, and lawlessness. America’s cities, and our safety are in jeopardy.”

Washington Republican Attorney General Candidate Matt Larkin: “As Attorney General, I will ensure our police have the training and resources they need to keep our communities safe. Sadly, Attorney General Ferguson has been silent as extremists have fought to defund and demean our law enforcement. Washington deserves better.”

Washington Republican Attorney General Candidate Mike Vaska: “Lawlessness on the streets of a Seattle has been a problem for years – and Bob Ferguson has said nothing. Now our state is a national joke for losing control over parts of Seattle and other cities, and Bob Ferguson’s silence continues. When I’m Attorney General, public safety will again be a top priority.”

Attorneys General:
Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall: “The men and women of law enforcement put their lives on the line to protect the public each and every day, with our least-fortunate citizens needing the protection of the police the most. It is reprehensible and beyond irresponsible for any attorney general, whatever his or her motivation—whether it be political calculation or personal cowardice—to stay silent in the face of calls to “defund the police” by groups of left-wing extremists, violent anarchists, and America-hating academics.”

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge: “Law enforcement has always been the thin blue line, stepping in to fill the gap and protecting our families to ensure we can sleep in peace at night. I have spoken directly with AG Barr on this issue to find a common sense solution. Democrats have shown repeatedly that they prefer to politicize this issue and defund our police and in turn, we have seen civil unrest across parts of the country where we could be seeing conversation and civil discourse.”

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody: “My husband and thousands of law enforcement officers every day put their lives on the line protecting our communities. The Democrats have made it clear with their deafening silence that they will stand by while radicals attack our officers and destroy our cities. Their silence emboldens bad actors, makes our communities less safe, and undermines the stability of our great nation.”

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost: “Public safety is the reason we invented government in the first place — to replace the law of the jungle with the rule of law. Without the police to protect, only the strongest will survive. #DefundPolice is the single worst policy proposal during my lifetime.”

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson: “The American people are yearning for safety, stability, and security during these difficult times, Our nation is being torn between those who respect the rule of law and those who rationalize the lawless, tragic burning of our communities while rallying behind the ‘defund the police’ movement. We must defeat the notion that defunding the police will make America safer and focus on what we can do to rebuild trust between law enforcement and our communities.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton: “The vast majority of law-enforcement officers across our country act prudently, professionally and heroically; however, condemning all peace officers due to the actions of a few – as Democrats are doing – incites chaos and anarchy as we’ve seen recently. Make no mistake, I believe we need reform and we need to better train police officers because one death in police custody is one too many.”

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes: “As a person of color and a leader of color, I am deeply passionate about communities of color. However, these calls for defunding, disarming, and disbanding the police are not going to make any of our communities safer. The silence by Democrats is stunning.

“Can you imagine being a small business owner in Seattle, Portland or Minneapolis right now? You put it all on the line as an immigrant who has come over to the United States and has finally built up a business. And now you are being told that there won’t be anybody on the line to call if rioters or looters choose to raze your livelihood?

“The ‘Defund the Police’ movement is wrong-minded and has been hijacked by Democrats as political theater. The fact that Democrat leadership including Biden are staying silent, and therefore complicit with the rioting and violence, should be a wake-up call to every American.”

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