On Monday, in the midst of the mass violence and chaos on the streets of Portland, Politico interviewed Oregon attorney general (AG) and Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) National Co-Chair Ellen Rosenblum. The lawless liberal is clearly living in another universe. She describes the violent attacks on law enforcement in her own city as “perfectly peaceful” and dismisses the targeted destruction of federal property by large mobs.

Lawless liberal AG Rosenblum needs to wake up to the reality that Portland has erupted into complete urban anarchy.

There is overwhelming evidence and video footage of violent mobs hurling projectiles through that air at federal agents in Portland stationed to protect the courthouse. In fact, the U.S. Department of Justice has collected contraband “such as gasoline, hockey sticks, defense shields, leaf blowers, paint sprayers, paint cans with paint, and a jar prepped for a Molotov cocktail confiscated by federal law enforcement from violent agitators outside federal Portland courthouse.”

During the interview, AG Rosenblum denied these very tangible attacks on federal property saying, “I’ve worked in the United States Courthouse. It’s a wonderful building. It’s not going to burn down from a small brushfire or a small firework.”

There is no question about it, the violence in Portland is an assault on the government of the United States and AG Rosenblum is doing nothing to support law enforcement and stop this madness.

In addition, despite the fact that businesses and property have been completely destroyed and law enforcement have been blocked from restoring order in the streets, lawless liberal Rosenblum directly endorsed defunding the police during the interview. The AG stated, “the city has changed its funding mechanism for some of the units of the police and I believe that the police have been responsive to that, perhaps not welcomed it with open arms, change can be difficult.”

Rosenblum’s comments come as no surprise as her fellow lawless liberal DAGA Co-Chair Maura Healey publicly encouraged chaos and the burning of America, despite pervasive violence proliferating throughout Democrat-run cities.

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