This November, the people of Indiana should choose a relatable Republican over out-of-touch lawless liberal Jonathan Weinzapfel who puts the radical interests of Hillary Clinton over those of hardworking Hoosiers. 

In 2016, lawless liberal Jonathan Weinzapfel stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Hillary on the campaign trail while she promoted raising taxes and keeping violent criminals on the streets at a political rally. He even brought his own son to help Hillary bolster attendees at a related get out the vote event at the local Democratic headquarters.

To prove his undying support for her extremist agenda, Weinzapfel emerged as one of Hillary’s most vocal surrogates in Indiana. He spearheaded a press conference in Evansville to rollout Hillary’s radical education policy initiative and reiterate support for the Obama Administration’s work in the area.

The people of Indiana cannot trust Weinzapfel, who clearly prioritizes his close relationship with Hillary and her radical agenda over keeping Hoosiers safe. 

Learn more about Weinzapfel’s actions putting Hillary over Hoosiers here: