As Polling Grows Closer, Shapiro Can’t Resist Invoking Sexist Slur in Ad

Pennsylvania Democrat Attorney General (AG) Josh Shapiro is clearly threatened by Republican nominee Heather Heidelbaugh’s climbing poll numbers, because he resorted to a new low in a recent campaign ad.

The lawless liberal could not resist taking a cheap shot at Heidelbaugh in a new ad, calling her a “hack lawyer.” Shapiro is clearly grasping at straws to try and distract viewers from Heidelbaugh’s over 35 years of courtroom experience, reputation as a highly respected lawyer in the state, and her tough-on-crime campaign focus. Heidelbaugh’s growing appeal in Pennsylvania, as a strong and experienced conservative who will not stand for the anarchy and violence that is proliferating across the state, is threatening to the lawless liberal.

Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) Executive Director Adam Piper said, “It is outrageous the media has yet to factcheck and condemn this clearly misogynistic and deliberately deceptive ad by lawless liberal Josh Shapiro targeting Heather Heidelbaugh, one of the most respected lawyers in all of Pennsylvania. Unlike Shapiro, conservative Heidelbaugh has more than a law degree hanging on her wall – she has decades of experience in the courtroom litigating cases. Shapiro’s ad is shameful and unfounded. If a Republican ran such an ad, local and national media outlets would be calling for its immediate recall.”

Former RAGA Chairwoman and current Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said, “It is disheartening to see Mr. Shapiro baselessly attack the reputation of Heather who is a hardworking and extremely qualified legal leader. There is no excuse for invoking this completely inaccurate slur of referring to Heather as a “hack,” and it is evident that Mr. Shapiro is willing to invoke name-calling toward a qualified female as long as it distracts from his poor record. It is outrageous that my colleague Attorney General Shapiro would resort to such a low blow, and I encourage him to immediately take down the ad and acknowledge Heather Heidelbaugh’s long resume of accomplishments and highly respected legal expertise.”

In contrast with Heidelbaugh, lawless liberal Shapiro has never tried a case in the courtroom and is currently ignoring the public safety crisis directly in front of him as gun violence in Philadelphia skyrockets. Heather Heidelbaugh is committed to restoring law and order throughout the state and make Pennsylvania a safer place to live, work, and raise a family.

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