During liberal career politician Josh Stein’s time in the Attorney General’s office, he let 15,000 rape kits sit on shelves and delayed justice for sexual assault victims. Now, during the political fight of his life, Stein is trying to shift blame to law enforcement agencies and leaders.

Law enforcement officials are calling Stein’s bluff and rebuking him for false and defamatory comments he is making in the race for North Carolina Attorney General. Republican candidate Jim O’Neill is slamming him in a complaint filed this week with the North Carolina Board of Elections.

The complaint notes, “Mr. Stein knows, or at least should know, the procedure and chain of custody for the collection and testing of “rape kits” and other forensic evidence. The Attorney General is in charge of the Crime Lab, and any delays fall directly under Mr. Stein’s responsibility.”

Stein, who has no law enforcement or prosecutorial experience, was “shocked” when he learned about the extent of the rape kit backlog.

A bipartisan group of District Attorneys are outraged at Stein’s attempts to shift blame to law enforcement, saying, “To say that Jim O’Neill or any District Attorney in this state is delaying the testing of rape kits is a complete falsehood.”

Former Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes laid out additional facts. “Josh Stein, who has responsibility for the state lab, inherited 15,000 rape kits untested from his predecessor, the now Governor Cooper. That’s 15,000 rapists that may be lurking around the corner. The hope was Cooper would concentrate on fixing the lab.  He did not, Stein has not. Those rape kits are still not tested – not under Cooper, not under Stein. Why would a person allow a falsehood to be spread under his name? Is that who we need representing us as the Attorney General?”

In North Carolina, the Attorney General is considered the top law enforcement official but instead of endorsing the incumbent, law enforcement – including the North Carolina Trooper’s Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the Police Benevolent Association– is lining up behind Jim O’Neill. Unlike liberal career politician Josh Stein, Republican Jim O’Neill is a prosecutor. Jim O’Neill was the first dedicated domestic violence prosecutor in Forsyth County and has the highest conviction rate in the state when it comes to sexual assault crimes.

O’Neill’s exemplary record was noted recently by the North State Journal, “As district attorney, O’Neill’s work has focused on a prosecution program targeting sex offenders and the prosecution of violent criminal offenders. That focus has resulted in the lowest dismissal rate for violent crime offenders among urban counties in the state.”

O’Neill’s record is in stark contrast to incumbent liberal Democrat Attorney General Josh Stein, a career politician who, in recent months, has been silent on the “defund the police” movement and catered to lawless liberal mobs wreaking havoc across North Carolina. Josh Stein’s silence has led to violence in Raleigh and other cities across the state.