After 90 days, Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden finally crawled out of his basement to begrudgingly address the lawlessness and disorder engulfing Democrat-run cities around the country. It is amazing that it took over three months of increased crime, anarchy, and violence for Biden to make a statement.

The real question is why was Biden silent months ago when Democrat Attorneys General Association (DAGA) National Co-Chair Massachusetts Attorney General (AG) Maura Healey publicly urged the continued burning of America? His silence was also deafening when DAGA Co-Chair Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum described the violent attacks on law enforcement in her own city of Portland as “perfectly peaceful” and dismissed the targeted destruction of federal property by large mobs.

Will Biden and the rest of the Democrat AGs finally condemn the incendiary remarks by both DAGA co-chairs, which only led to further destruction of property and violence against families nationwide for months? 

“After over three months of lawlessness, disorder, and increased violence, the leader of the Democrats, Joe Biden, finally admitted that violence is running rampant through Democrat-run cities,” said Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) Executive Director Adam Piper. “RAGA is the only national political committee over the last 90 days that has continually beat the drum that Democrat silence equals violence. On November 3, Americans will elect Republicans who have supported the rule of law and efforts to stop the politicians who are enabling this madness from the beginning.”

After months of thundering Democrat cries to dismantle law enforcement, not a single Democrat AG or candidate for AG has publicly issued a statement in support of our nation’s hardworking women and men in uniform. In fact, when reached for comment about the reckless “defund the police” movement, only one Democrat AG responded by simply passing the buck.

Every single Democrat AG – including North Carolina AG Josh Stein, Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro, Washington AG Bob Ferguson, and Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum, who all will appear on the ballot on November 3 – has remained silent as communities across the country have been subjected to rioting, looting, and destruction. Additionally, Democrat AG candidates Raph Graybill in Montana, Jonathan Weinzapfel in Indiana, and Sam Petsonk in West Virginia have been complicit in the lawlessness and disorder being perpetrated by Antifa and other Democrat-affiliated groups and individuals.

Over the last three months, RAGA has been the only national political committee beating the drum on the dangerousness of “defund the police” and the reality of lawless liberals run amuck, through the release of digital ads. Please visit to view the ads.