A series of digital ads released by the Win PA PAC reveal Democrat Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s misuse of taxpayer dollars for his own profit.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Shapiro flew to Aspen, Co., on the taxpayer’s dime and also used public funds to expense travel on private planes. He even took thousands of dollars from hardworking Pennsylvanians to pay for his own car, a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

In addition, Shapiro’s incompetence in the role of Attorney General cost taxpayers millions of dollars and endangered Pennsylvanians. The Democrat top law enforcement officer fumbled a million dollar drug bust and released dangerous criminals back onto the streets. Additional information on Shapiro’s secrets that are hurting Pennsylvania’s hardworking taxpayers can be found at www.winpapac.com.

In contrast, Republican Heather Heidelbaugh’s over 35 years of courtroom experience, reputation as a highly respected lawyer in the state, and tough-on-crime campaign focus will protect taxpayers’ pockets and families.

Please also visit LawlessLiberals.com, a clearinghouse for all the radical and lawless actions being encouraged, perpetrated, or ignored by Democrat attorneys general and candidates.