Two new ads, “Proven” and “Felons,” were released today in the North Carolina Attorney General’s (AG) race.

“Proven” features Republican candidate Jim O’Neill, a rule of law prosecutor, who has locked up violent criminals and who opposes early release from prison for sex offenders and other felons.

“Felons” draws attention to Democrat North Carolina AG Josh Stein’s support for reduced sentences for violent criminals, as well as his silence and inaction as lawless liberals have terrorized North Carolina cities over the last three months. Last week, in Raleigh, windows were smashed, law enforcement officers were attacked, and property was vandalized, as protestors chanted, “every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground.”

You can watch “Proven” here and “Felons” here or by clicking the embedded videos below. “Proven” and “Felons” will appear online and will begin running immediately.

Stein, like every single one of his Democrat AG colleagues, has remained silent for months as communities across the country have been subjected to rioting, looting, and destruction. In fact, not a single Democrat AG or candidate for AG has publicly issued a statement in support of our nation’s hardworking women and men in uniform.

“How many more victims of this rioting and chaos will there be before Josh Stein takes action and works to end the violence and condemn the lawless liberals perpetrating these heinous acts?” asked Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) Executive Director Adam Piper. “If Josh Stein won’t put an end to violence and destruction in North Carolina, then let’s put an end to Stein’s political career.”

Lawless liberal Josh Stein cannot continue to stand with radial liberals whose plan to defund the police will bring chaos, anarchy, and violence to communities across North Carolina.  

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