“Career Politicians,” a new ad that debuted over the weekend in the North Carolina Attorney General’s (AG) race, brings attention to liberal career politician Josh Stein’s soft-on-crime record of supporting and enacting policies that make North Carolina less safe.

As a legislator, Stein voted to let felons out of jail early, and as Attorney General, Stein advocated for New York-style bail reform and failed to crack down on illegal immigration. Stein’s legacy also includes silence and inaction as lawless liberals caused riots, destruction, and brutal deaths this summer. Stein’s track record is in stark contrast to Republican Attorney General candidate Jim O’Neill, a proven prosecutor who supports North Carolina law enforcement and stands up to liberals trying to defund the police.

You can watch “Career Politicians” here or by clicking the embedded videos below. “Career Politicians” began running online and on television on Saturday.

“For over 100 days, violent crime surged across the nation this summer, as liberals like Josh Stein sat idly by and did nothing,” said Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) Executive Director Adam Piper. “Josh Stein played hide and seek from his duty while lives, livelihoods, and businesses were destroyed. North Carolinians need a career prosecutor, not a career politician as Attorney General. On November 3, the choice is clear: Jim O’Neill, is a proven prosecutor, who has helped make Winston-Salem one of America’s safest cities.

“Stein, like every single one of his Democrat AG colleagues, has remained silent for months as communities across the country have been subjected to rioting, looting, and destruction. In fact, not a single Democrat AG or candidate for AG has publicly issued a statement in support of our nation’s hardworking women and men in uniform.”

For more information, please visit www.oldnorthpac.org.