Democrat Attorney General (AG) Josh Shapiro has a reoccurring habit of living large on the taxpayer dime. Over the years, Shapiro has made Pennsylvania taxpayers pay for his flights on the state plane to luxurious destinations, accepted extravagant gifts, and was criticized by his own hometown newspaper for misusing public funds on a personal automobile. Pennsylvania’s taxpayers can’t afford Josh Shapiro’s selfish behavior.

As AG, Shapiro flew around Pennsylvania and beyond on the state plane, fueled by taxpayer dollars, significantly more times than any previous AG in the state’s history. Pennsylvania taxpayers also fully funded Shapiro’s infamous trip to Aspen, which had nothing to do with matters of the state. When Shapiro was a state representative, the Philadelphia Inquirer detailed how he misused public funds by driving around in an expensive taxpayer-funded Jeep Grand Cherokee. Pennsylvania. In addition, Shapiro accepted thousands of dollars in free expensive tickets to 76ers and Penguins games from wealthy donors.

“Lawless Liberal Josh Shapiro’s misuse of taxpayer dollars for his own profit will end when conservative rule of law candidate Heather Heidelbaugh is elected on November 3,” said Republican Attorneys General Association National Press Secretary Kelly Laco. “The choice is clear to elect experienced prosecutor Heather Heidelbaugh, who is committed to protecting taxpayers’ pockets and keeping neighborhoods safe, over Josh Shapiro, who has yet to condemn the violence erupting across the state and who will continue to drain money from taxpayers.”

Republican Heather Heidelbaugh has over 35 years of courtroom experience, unlike Josh Shapiro who has never stepped foot inside of a courtroom to litigate a single case. Heidelbaugh’s tough-on-crime agenda will keep families, neighborhoods, and taxpayers’ pockets safe.

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