Republican AGs Will Always Defend the Second Amendment 

In the latest Lawless Liberals ad, “Taking Away Your Rights,” the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) is bringing attention to the fact that lawless liberals across the country are working overtime to defund the police, abolish the NRA, and restrict Second Amendment rights.

You can watch the ad here or by clicking the embedded video below.

The Democrat attorneys general (AGs), who have endorsed the “defund the police” movement and attempted to “cancel” the history of our Founding Fathers, are now trying to destroy one of America’s founding principles, the right to bear arms protected by the Second Amendment. One of the latest brazen attacks on civil liberties came last week when the New York Attorney General, a liberal Democrat, filed a lawsuit seeking to dissolve the National Rifle Association (NRA).

“Lawless liberals have hit a new low in their pursuit of defunding the police, discarding the Second Amendment, and deterring our ability to protect ourselves,” said RAGA Chairman Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. “The New York Attorney General is shamefully abusing her power to target a political adversary, the same way a Saint Louis prosecutor did last month when she took guns away from citizens trying to protect themselves. This action is no different than what Democrats did during the shameful impeachment of President Trump: an attempt to use the levers of government to go after political opponents.”

“Taking Away Your Rights” will appear online and will begin running immediately.

The Democratic Attorneys General Association’s national co-chairs Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum and Massachusetts AG Maura Healey and their comrade Minnesota AG Keith Ellison are not the only Democrat AGs promoting lawlessness throughout the country. In Montana, Democrat AG candidate Raph Graybill has refused to condemn the dangerous movement to strip law enforcement of necessary resources. In Seattle, “Silent Bob” Ferguson allowed anarchists to take over an entire neighborhood and continues to refuse to allow law enforcement officers to do their jobs. In Pennsylvania, Democrat AG Josh Shapiro has ignored the public safety crisis directly in front of him as gun violence in Philadelphia skyrockets. In North Carolina, Democrat AG Josh Stein has remained silent on the “defund the police” movement while Durham is overrun with crime.

For more information, please visit, a clearinghouse for all the radical and lawless actions being encouraged, perpetrated, or ignored by Democrat attorneys general and candidates.