Lawless liberal Democrat attorneys general (AGs) have remained silent on calls to defund the police for over 50 days despite the dangerous violence erupting across American cities. From North Carolina to Washington state, the inaction by Democrat AGs to stand up to their fellow lawless liberal city councils and mayors is making America exponentially more dangerous.

Republican Attorneys General Association Executive Director Adam Piper called out the lawless liberals and their property destruction, “It’s sad that Democrat attorneys general prefer mobs over jobs. The primary job of the Attorney General is to defend the rule of law. Democrat silence condones the violence of lawless liberals, who seek to replace capitalism with communism, hence their lack of regard for private property.”

In Seattle, the police chief sent a letter informing business owners that they must defend themselves against violent rioters due to an ordinance passed by the city council. The ordinance that went into effect over the weekend banned police officers from using tools commonly used to disperse large mobs to protect people and property. Democrat AG Bob Ferguson’s silence on the city council’s reckless move has handicapped police officers from doing their jobs and directly endangers the citizens of Washington.

In North Carolina, Democrat AG Josh Stein’s silence is deafening on Raleigh’s actions to handicap police officers seeking to keep streets safe and businesses protected from violent rioters. Raleigh police officers have been unable to carry out their normal duties in a timely and efficient manner, resulting in destruction of property and increased violent crime. Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown addressed the violent targeting and assault of police officers by the co-called “peaceful” protestors, stating that she would not position her officers between the mob and private property.

North Carolina Republican AG candidate Jim O’Neill continually calls out lawless liberal Stein on his silence. O’Neill asks whether Democrat AG Stein stands with law enforcement or with radial liberals whose plan to defund the police will bring chaos, anarchy, and violence to communities across North Carolina. In Washington, Republican AG candidates Matt Larkin and Mike Vaska both prioritize public safety and have slammed Democrat AG Bob Ferguson as extremists call to defund the police force amid a surge of violence in Seattle.

In only 6 weeks, there have been 600 murders in 6 cities in states led by Democrats. How many more days and more lives lost will it take for these current and aspiring top law enforcement officers to condemn the communities of chaos created by this senseless and dangerous movement? Americans are less safe and more likely to become victims of a violent crime under Democrat leadership.

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