Yesterday, the Raleigh News & Observer published an article slamming Democrat Attorney General Josh Stein for lying in a political campaign ad, which caused his own staffer to resign in protest.

Stein recently released an ad falsely blaming Republican nominee Jim O’Neill for the backlog of thousands of rape kits. The ad was quickly declared inaccurate and untrue by the media in fact checks, the Conference of District Attorneys in a statement, and by other officials throughout the state. Rape kits are kept in law enforcement custody and tested by the State Crime Lab, which is run by the Department of Justice overseen by Josh Stein.

In addition, in another unethical move, it has now come to light that Stein pressured one of his own employees, who herself is a survivor of sexual assault, to be featured in the fake news ad. This morally abhorrent behavior by North Carolina’s top law enforcement official is unacceptable and voters are sick of his lies, cover ups, and silence.

North Carolina Republican Attorney General nominee Jim O’Neill called out the lying lawless liberal saying, “Josh Stein’s lies about my record have led William “Bill” Hart, Sr., the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative site coordinator for the N.C. Crime Lab, to resign in protest. This is one time Stein should have stayed silent! Josh Stein needs to come clean and apologize to NC voters for lying to them! What else has Stein lied about?” Read the full tweet thread here.

Republican Attorneys General Association Executive Director Adam Piper said, “North Carolina deserves better than “lying lawless liberal” Josh Stein, who in addition to releasing violent felons from prison, has allowed thousands of rape kits to sit on shelves and denied justice for victims. He also blatantly lied and shifted blame about the rape kit backlog, which directly caused one of his own staff members to quit. Stein needs to stop lying. North Carolina must elect Republican Jim O’Neill who will fight for victims of assault, keep neighborhoods safe from violent felons, and who will always tell the truth.”

Below are excerpts from the Raleigh News & Observer story. Read the full article here.

A campaign ad run by Attorney General Josh Stein upset one of Stein’s employees to the point that he resigned.

Until Oct. 5, Hart worked part-time for Stein as the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative site coordinator for the N.C. Crime Lab. The position is funded by the federal government to allow North Carolina, and the rest of the country, to test rape kits.

Hart said he was bothered by the ad’s last statement because he felt that it not only wrongfully attacked O’Neill but every other district attorney in the state.

“Neither Jim O’Neill nor any other DA in the state have anything to do with sending sexual assault kits for testing,” Hart said. “It’s law enforcement that sends them. Not the DAs.”

Hart said when he saw the commercial he immediately called O’Neill to tell him that neither he nor the people who worked with him in the lab were involved in its creation.

Adding to his frustration, Hart read in The News & Observer a statement by the Conference of District Attorneys saying that prosecutors have nothing to do with and are not in possession of untested rape kits.

“I told my wife that’s it, they’re still running it, I’m done,” Hart said. “If Jim O’Neill left kits on the shelves, then every DA left kits on the shelves, and law enforcement left kits on the shelf, and it just creates a false impression.”

Read the full article here.