Why is lawless liberal Democrat attorney general candidate Sam Petsonk silent on the reckless “defund the police” movement that is sweeping across America and into West Virginia’s cities?

As the aspiring top law enforcement officer in West Virginia, Petsonk must immediately condemn the dangerous Democrat plan to “defund the police” that will lead to absolute communities of chaos. 

In the Mountain State, defunding the police would lead to more crime, more drug overdoses, and more violence. Law enforcement officers throughout the state put their lives on the line every day to keep families safe and the movement to defund them is ridiculous and directly endangers communities.

Petsonk also remained silent when his fellow liberal, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, publicly urged the burning of America earlier this month. His inability to stand up and condemn violence and unrest is inexplicable.

In contrast, strong conservative Republican Patrick Morrisey is the only candidate for WV Attorney General who openly opposes the radical liberal attempts to dismantle law enforcement. Morrisey witnessed firsthand the disastrous results when multiple police academy classes were cancelled, and praised the renewed law and order when classes were reinstated by Governor Jim Justice.

Democrat Sam Petsonk’s refusal to decry the dangerous plea to defund the police means that he is onboard with chaos and will make West Virginia less safe.