new ad by the Old North PAC, “Felons over Families,” debuting in North Carolina this week, calls out Democrat Josh Stein as being a “career politician helping career criminals.” The ad brings attention to liberal career politician Josh Stein’s inaction on violent crime, record of allowing felons to get out of jail early, and history of denying victims justice by leaving thousands of rape kits untested.

As small business burned and violent looters targeted Raleigh and other North Carolina cities over the last four months, Josh Stein did nothing. In addition, as a legislator, Stein voted to let felons out of jail early, many of whom committed additional crimes after their release. As Attorney General, Stein also failed to get rid of the rape kit backlog. In contrast, Republican attorney general candidate Jim O’Neill is a proven prosecutor who supports North Carolina law enforcement and stands up to liberals trying to defund the police. O’Neill has the backing of North Carolina Trooper’s Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the Police Benevolent Association.

You can watch “Felons over Families” here or by clicking the embedded video below.

A fact check by the The News & Observer last week revealed that Democrat Josh Stein was the Attorney General in charge of thousands of untested rape kits sitting on shelves that delayed justice for sexual assault victims. Rape kits are kept in law enforcement custody and tested by the State Crime Lab, which is run by the Department of Justice overseen by Stein. In an interview with The News & Observer on Sept. 17, Stein  even admitted that he allowed the kits to pile up under his watch, stating incorrectly it wasn’t his job to fix the backlog. Despite Stein trying to shift the blame during the political fight of his life, law enforcement officials are fortunately calling Stein’s bluff and rebuking him for false and defamatory comments.

Republican candidate Jim O’Neill also slammed Stein in a complaint filed last week with the North Carolina Board of Elections. Jim O’Neill was the first dedicated domestic violence prosecutor in Forsyth County and has the highest conviction rate in the state when it comes to sexual assault crimes. His tough-on-crime record as a proven prosecutor will keep North Carolina families safe.

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