The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) today released a new ad —”America is Burning”— the third part in its #LawlessLiberals series to highlight liberal lawlessness across the nation and Democrat attorneys general (AGs) remaining not only silent on the reckless “defund the police” movement, but also silent on their national co-chair cheering on the fact that “America is Burning.” Watch the video here.

RAGA Executive Director Adam Piper said, “This ad highlights the sad reality that Democrat AGs are not only refusing to stand up to the mob of lawless liberals, but their national co-chair has further incited the ancharists and the burning of America. Americans do not condone the deadly violence and devastation caused by the Democrat-sanctioned violent rioting, looting, and burning of American cities across the country. It has been a month since Maura Healey repeated the refrain that “America is Burning,” and sadly every single Democrat attorney general and Democrat candidate for attorney general has remained silent on the pervasive violence and continued efforts by their liberal comrades to “defund the police.” In contrast to their lawless liberal counterparts, the Republican attorneys general are focused on promoting public safety, protecting our communities, and preserving the rule of law.”

The ad will appear online and showcases Democrat attorney general Maura Healey’s inflammatory statements last month publicly cheering on the continued burning of America during the violent riots. In contrast, the Republican attorneys general are dedicated to enforcing the rule of law and maintaining law and order so that American families and cities are safe from violent crime.

For more information, please visit, a clearinghouse for all the radical and lawless actions being encouraged, perpetrated, or ignored by Democrat attorneys general and candidates.