The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) today released a new ad —”Erasing History”— on the eve of the Independence Day weekend to highlight the lawless liberal campaign to erase America’s history. Watch the video here.

RAGA Executive Director Adam Piper said, “Erasing History” is a poignant reminder about the dangers of the current “cancel culture,” the threat to our nation and the rule of law posed by anarchists and lawless liberals. The 2020 election will be a referendum on law and order – and the choice is clear. Americans who want to protect their freedom, history, and the rule of law will vote for Republican AGs. A stark contrast to Democrats, complicit with today’s cancel culture and various attempts to erase Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln from our history books.

Piper continued, “It’s absurd to think Democrats could be offended by Mount Rushmore or the Fourth of July. However, today’s cancel culture has absolutely nothing to do with promoting equality or ensuring domestic tranquility and everything to do with creating division and destroying anything and everything lawless liberals think they might hate. Today, their targets are our founding fathers, our flag, and public safety. As a parent, one must ask, what will they target tomorrow?”

The cancel culture of the left has gone so far as to suggest that Mount Rushmore, a tribute to four of our nation’s most exceptional Presidents, should be destroyed. The Democrat Party posted a now-deleted inflammatory tweet attacking Mount Rushmore as a symbol of white supremacy. This is where RAGA and the Republican attorneys general are drawing a hard line.

The Democrat-sanctioned destruction of monuments, rioting, looting, and burning of American cities is spreading across the country. The examples range from “Silent Bob Ferguson” of Washington to Maura “Let it Burn” Healey of Massachusetts.

This Independence Day, while national Democrats are either irresponsibly cheering or remaining silent on calls to defund the police and the lawless behavior being carried out by the far-left, Republican attorneys general will be celebrating America’s greatness and potential to overcome adversity. The ad, which will appear on television in the same DMA as Mount Rushmore and nationally online, urges viewers to “stop the madness” and reminds them that Republican attorneys general will always defend the rule of law.

For more information, please visit, a clearinghouse for all the radical and lawless actions being encouraged, perpetrated, or ignored by Democrat attorneys general and candidates.