A new ad running statewide on broadcasting cable today in Montana reveals that Democrat candidate Raph Graybill is beholden to radical activist groups seeking to dismantle law enforcement and take guns away from Montanans. In contrast, 5th generation Montanan and proven prosecutor Republican Austin Knudsen knows the importance of protecting the rule of law, standing up for law enforcement, and defending Second Amendment rights.

The ad features Jay Printz, an honorable former Marine and retired Sheriff, who understands the importance of protecting our families and communities. In the video, Printz rejects Raph Graybill because the Democrat candidate is supported by the same radical groups that want to defund the police and take away gun rights, which will endanger Montanans. Printz has experience fighting for our country and deeply understands the importance of protecting our communities and enforcing the rule of law, which is why he strongly supports the Republican candidate Austin Knudsen for attorney general.

“Raph Graybill is a puppet of the progressive left, who would make Montana’s communities less safe,” said Republican Attorneys General Association Executive Director Adam Piper. “Radical Raph is backed by radicals who want to defund the police and take away our guns. Graybill’s Seattle values are out of touch with Montanans. Montana has a clear choice for Attorney General, a proven prosecutor, Austin Knudsen, the candidate that understands and respects their values and who will prioritize public safety and keeping communities free from crime.”

Democrat attorney general candidate Raph Graybill was silent for over three months before addressing the dangerous “defund the police” movement and still supports stripping hardworking law enforcement officers of necessary resources. In addition, Graybill is an absentee Montanan who has spent most of his adult life out of the state, including time as a coastal elite in the capital of lawlessness, Seattle, Washington. Graybill is backed by national liberal groups who see him as the perfect vehicle to force Seattle values on the people of Montana.