Graybill is More Focused on Spearheading a Social Revolution Within Montana than Fighting Crime

Protecting Montanans from violent crime is last item on progressive politician Raph Graybill’s list if he gets elected. The lawless liberal would rather talk with felons about their feelings than put them in prison. Instead of living up to the “top cop” description of the attorney general role, Graybill is committed to forcing soft on crime, costal elitist values on the people of Montana.

The attorney general race in Montana can be simply boiled down to tough on crime proven prosecutor Austin Knudsen versus soft on crime progressive politician Raph Graybill.

Graybill shares the agenda of nationwide liberal extremist groups including Planned Parenthood and the AFL-CIO. He is more focused on spearheading a social revolution within Montana, than protecting hardworking families in the state from increasing crime. In addition, Graybill has refused to condemn the violence and riots occurring nationwide in Democrat-run cities and will not publicly declare his support for our brave law enforcement officers. While there has been a dangerous movement within Montana to strip law enforcement of necessary resources, Graybill has not strongly pushed back after months of silence. He has also remained silent while anarchists in Seattle, where he has spent most of his adult life, took over an entire neighborhood and continue to refuse to allow law enforcement officers to do their jobs.

In contrast, proven prosecutor Austin Knudsen has been extremely vocal about condemning the reckless “defund the police” movement from the beginning and stands hand in hand with hardworking law enforcement. Knudsen’s tough on crime record and commitment to protecting Second Amendment rights will keep Montanans safe.

“Montanans cannot trust Seattle progressive Raph Graybill to keep them safe because he continues to refuse to publicly support police officers in Helena or condemn lawlessness in his old home town, Seattle, and elsewhere across the country,” said Republican Attorneys General Association Executive Director Adam Piper. “The choice is clear on November 3 to elect 5th Generation Montanan and proven prosecutor Austin Knudsen, who is committed to protecting Second Amendment rights, putting criminals in jail, and keeping families safe.”

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